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Judge and Mrs. Gerald Heaney with Ruth Lisko, wife of Ranger historian, Lou Lisko - Aha, Normandy in June!

Lieutenant Gerry Heaney (far fight) in 1944.

Young Ranger marvels at the mettle and pluck of his illustrious forebears. left-Donald Mentzer, medic, landed at Omaha Beach; center-Charles Korb, medic, landed at Pointe du Hoc. Says Frank South, fellow medic who landed with Charlie at the Pointe du Hoc, "He was one of the braver chaps I knew. As Decatur said of Lawrence, 'he had no more bend in him than a mainmast'."

Simon Loesch landed at Omaha with the 5th Bn Rangers.

4 P.M. Friday, June 3. After an 8 hour crossing of the Atlantic, a 3 hour bus ride to Caen, and a 2 hour visit of the Memorial Museum, the WWII Ranger vets are still standing and ready to go.

Atop the cliffs at the Pointe du Hoc, Warren "Halftrack" Burmaster tells how he got his nickname. After a meal of mussels à la normande, Ivor Jones strolls the boardwalk in Grandcamp.
Len Lomell greets Grandcamp mayor Jean-Marc Lefranc.

Len Lomell meets the press.

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